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Let me start by saying: not only am I a Physician and a wellness advocate, I am also a woman who aspires to live life to the fullest.

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Finding Balance and Harmony

Incorporating ‘Balance and Harmony’ in every area of our lives is vitally important in our quest for health and happiness. In my practice, my goal is to empower my patients to attain both.

Balancing Our Hormones = Harmony in Our Bodies

balance-harmonyThroughout our lives, both women and men will have hormonal changes that can affect their overall health. For instance, a woman can become what is called ‘Estrogen Dominant’, which means their body is producing too much Estrogen and not enough Progesterone.

This can happen:

  • During Puberty
  • After Childbirth
  • When taking birth control pills
  • During midlife
  • When taking synthetic Estrogen hormones

When a woman is Estrogen Dominant, it can manifest in symptoms such as headaches, fluid retention and difficult, heavy periods. A lack of Progesterone can even trigger hypothyroidism, uterine fibroids and increase the risk of breast cancer.

I recommend that my female patients who are exhibiting these symptoms be tested for hormonal imbalances by using a saliva testing kit from ZRT labs. The reason I recommend this type of testing is because it makes it possible to see how much of each hormone is available for your body to utilize. This gives us a much broader picture of your hormonal fluctuations than a standard blood test would be able to provide.

Balance Your Time = Harmony in Your Life

Even too much of a good thing can be bad-every area of our lives, including our health and our time, need to be in proper proportion.

We are all on a quest to juggle the responsibilities of life…the key to managing it all is balance.

What are the most important things in your life? It can be helpful to think about what really means the most to you-even to write them down. Now ask yourself, ‘Does the way I spend my time reflect what is most important to me in my life, in my heart?’ By prioritizing your life’s passions and making time for what really matters first, you can more easily filter out the meaningless things that steal your precious time.

Remember … let’s BALANCE ourselves the best we can … Mind, Body and Spirit. Enjoy!!

Dr. Shel

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