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The Importance of Digestive Enzymes

The Importance of Digestive Enzymes

Life cannot exist without enzymes. Enzymes are involved in every function of the body. Vitamins, minerals and hormones must have enzymes to work properly. Digestive enzymes are the catalysts which allow us to break down foods into absorb-able nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. Once these nutrients are liberated, enzymes again play a vital role in escorting them to the cells and tissues for utilization. Therefore, without proper enzyme functioning, such nutrients are useless to our bodies.

The Dangers of Poor Digestion

Individuals who are enzyme deficient are subject to physical problems, disease and degeneration. Studies indicate that decreased enzymes levels are found in a number of chronic ailments, such as arthritis, diabetes, allergies, skin diseases, cancer, immune deficiencies and much more. Because of genetics, diet, lifestyle, processed foods, and a toxic environment, we are all at risk for decreased enzymes levels. A healthy diet and lifestyle, along with supplemental digestive enzymes can be an vital key to prevention and/or correction of such conditions. By taking supplemental enzymes, the body is ensured that it will get the necessary nutrition it needs for optimal health and transformation.

I’ve Taken All the Guesswork Out!

Digestive Wellness Kit

Digestive Wellness Kit

Since digestive health is such a critical component for achieving overall wellness, I have put together everything your body needs to restore proper digestion in an easy to use kit called DIGESTIVE WELLNESS KIT. The Digestive Wellness Kit includes 3 components, Advanced Digest, Advanced Protease, and Advanced Probiotic. Below I will explain how each component of the kit work within the body to help you achieve better digestive health and healthier, more vibrant life!

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Advanced Digest

Advanced Digest

Optimal digestion results in nutrient availability, delivery and absorption for cellular function and repair. Do you feel bad every time you eat? Do you suffer from common digestive disorders such as:

  • Acid reflux or indigestion
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Lactose or gluten intolerance
  • Nagging food allergies

Advanced Digest will get the nutrients from the food you eat to your cells in a recognizable and usable form. Genetics, stressful lifestyles, poor diet, processed foods, prescription drugs and the environment all influence your digestion on a daily basis. You can no longer assume eating a healthy diet will result in good nutrition. Advanced Digest taken with meals promotes optimal digestion, nutrient availability and cellular health.

Health Benefits include:

  • Digestion without discomfort
  • Maximum metabolism and energy production
  • Strong immune system
  • Reduced food intolerances and allergies

Advanced Digest not only takes the stress off of the digestive organs, it also reduces oxidative stress which may lessen pre-mature aging. Advanced Digest delivers nutrients to the cell and that nutrition is the foundation of your wellness.


Advanced Protease

Advanced Protease

Optimal Circulation and Immunity results in complete delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, enhancing its ability to defend and detoxify itself on a regular basis. Are you at risk for or suffer from:

  • High blood pressure or cardiovascular disease?
  • Inflammatory conditions like arthritis, allergies or diabetes?
  • Weakened immunity or recurrent infections?
  • Toxicity and chemical sensitivities?

Advanced Protease provides systemic benefits to the circulatory system, the immune system, and the detoxifying organs. This formula is also very effective at helping reduce and control chronic inflammation, the underlying cause of most degenerative diseases. Advanced Protease is proactive support to your body’s natural recovery and healing processes.

Health Benefits include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Regulation of fibrin reducing inappropriate clot formation
  • Regulation of inflammation
  • Faster recovery and healing
  • Improved resistance to allergies, colds and infections
  • Enhanced detoxification

Advanced Protease taken daily between meals reduces stress on your heart and immune system and promotes oxygen flow to your brain and vital tissues. Advanced Protease is essential to your wellness program.


Advanced Probiotic

Advanced Probiotic

Optimal Intestinal Health results in complete digestion, production of vital nutrients and elimination of food waste. Have you taken antibiotics and suffer from intestinal imbalances that cause embarrassing discomfort such as:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Painful cramping or bleeding in the GI tract
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Lactose intolerance

Advanced Probiotic replaces the flora in your GI tract that often becomes depleted by antibiotic use or imbalanced by poor diet choices. Further complications can arise when the opportunistic microorganisms feed off of undigested food, creating gas and releasing toxic waste into the bloodstream. Advanced Probiotic is acid stable and survives the GI tract to become live cultures, colonizing and providing health benefits to the human host.

Health Benefits include:

  • Production of digestive enzymes assisting with protein, fat and lactose digestion
  • Immune support
  • Healthy and timely elimination of waste

Advanced Probiotic taken at bedtime will help maintain the beneficial bacteria in your GI tract benefiting digestion, immunity and elimination.

How Do I Take Enzymes?

The Advanced Digest needs to be taken with your meals. Ideally this you will take the digestive enzymes after the first bite of food. This will allow the enzymes to do their job of breaking down your foods into absorb-able nutrients most efficiently.

The Advanced Protease however needs to be taken on an empty stomach (between your meals). Otherwise, your body will use it for digesting your food, instead of being absorbed into the blood and doing its work there. Remember that the purpose of the protease is to improve the circulatory system, the immune system, and reduce and control chronic inflammation in the body.

The Advanced Probiotic is best taken at bedtime. During this time the pH of the stomach is relatively low, allowing the bacteria to have a higher chance of attaching to the intestinal wall and thriving.

You can refer to the chart below to see how the Digestive Wellness Kit should be taken throughout the day.

Digstive Wellness Dosage Schedule

Ready to Start Restoring Your Digestive Health?

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