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Let me start by saying: not only am I a Physician and a wellness advocate, I am also a woman who aspires to live life to the fullest.

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“I am Woman” by Dr. Shelena Lalji

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Are  you ready to feel like yourself again? Do you feel frustrated with the medical care and diagnoses you have received thus far from traditional doctors? Do you feel like you are not treated like the unique individual that you are, rather like one of thousands of women experiencing aging symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, depression, insomnia, low libido and much more that you have to just accept and live with? Are you ready to change all that? Are you ready to embrace your life, your health, and your inner powerful woman? If so, this book will speak to your mind and your heart.

“I am Woman” was fostered and created by Dr. Shelena Lalji after practicing OB/GYN in a traditional setting for over a decade. As she became more focused on the preventive and integrative aspect of medicine, her inspiration to heal patients became boundless and her life’s mission. “Dr. Shel”, as her patients lovingly call her, considers herself fortunate to be in a place where she can help women achieve true mind, body and spirit balance in their daily lives through her writing, speaking and practice.

Her patients are a living testimony to the benefits of her natural, holistic and comprehensive approach to treating women. In this book, several patients who inspired Dr. Shel to continue her endless efforts to heal, have also shared their experiences for other women, like themselves, in hopes to help them regain control of their own lives. These are the stories that will inspire your Journey to Health, Happiness and Harmony.

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