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Let me start by saying: not only am I a Physician and a wellness advocate, I am also a woman who aspires to live life to the fullest.

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Total Body Tune Up: Why You May Need Detox Therapy

When your car isn't running quite right, what do you typically do? Well, if we’re honest, some of us may ignore the warning signs and hope they go away. Your car may be making odd sounds, or not moving as quickly as it once did. If left ignored, these little clues that something might be a bit ‘off’ can lead to much bigger problems down the road (no pun intended.) Our bodies are much the same way. We may be feeling a bit sluggish and perhaps we’ve been having some digestive issues. Maybe we’ve put on a few pounds and just can’t seem to shed them. Foggy thinking and memory loss have become the norm, but we get so used to it, we accept it. Going...